Pearly Whites

Who remembers the "Friends" episode where Ross has his teeth whitened, only his pearly whites end up blinding everyone around him?

Recently, Liam asked me when his "big teeth" will come in. I explained that his baby teeth will fall out in a couple years and that "big teeth like Mommy's" would come in their place. He quickly added, "No, I don't want yellow teeth like Mommy's. I want white teeth." That was the moment that my self-esteem was shattered by a 3 1/2 year-old.

Because I can't take diet Coke intravenously, my caffeine habit must enter my body by way of the mouth. Thus, my teeth aren't exactly white. Now, please give me some credit here, because my self-esteem is wavering upon your support. My teeth are not the most yellow mess I've ever seen, but I am not too keen on their not-so-whiteness. And since my son is obviously bothered by them, I have decided to try a bleaching system purchased from the dentist.

Because this bleach product was purchased from the dentist, I'm hopeful that my teeth will be white soon, only not quite as white as Ross'. I'm thinking there must be a happy medium between their current yellow tint and the blinding fluorescent version seen on "Friends".

While we're on the topic, what is your favorite episode of "Friends"?


Anonymous said...

The One with all the Resolutions,,68972,00.html


Common Mom said...

How can there only be one favorite episode of Friends? I couldn't possibly name just one! I always liked the one where Chandler was in a box and they were all judging Monica . . .

Here last quote kills me!

Margaret said...

There are so many. I agree with the first two above. I also love the one with Ross yelling "PIVOT. PIVOT!!" on the stairs while they are moving the sofa. There isn't a lot that makes me laugh out loud... that does. Ross and the tanning booth. Where Monica gets stung by the jellyfish. Joey's man-purse. When Bruce Willis was singing in the mirror with Ross hiding. Chandler in the sauna with Monica's dad. When Janice ends up in the same labor room as Rachel. So, so many episodes

Rocks In My Dryer said...

"I'm stuck in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre!"

Anonymous said...

Any episode with Phoebe signing one of her songs.