An Early Friday Funny

If you read my husband's post below, you know that today is my birthday. And what do I want for my birthday? A day to myself! I'm getting exactly that tomorrow. Rick is taking care of the kids, while I get away to spend my birthday cash. I. Can't. Wait! And to top that off, Rick and I get a date tomorrow night...dinner in a restaurant that probably doesn't serve lemonade or pizza. I am one lucky birthday girl!

But I can't skip this week's Friday Funny in honor of Easter. I can't decide between two Liam funnies, so I'll share both.

On Easter Sunday last year, Liam was not quite 3 years old. Rick asked him if Jesus died on the cross for him. Liam responded with, "Uh huh." Rick asked if he rose three days later. Liam said, "Uh huh and ate fruit snacks."

Last week, Rick was reviewing the meaning of Easter with Liam. They ended up in a discussion about heaven. I interrupted and asked Liam if he knows where heaven is. Liam replied with, "In Colorado." That's my mountain-loving boy!

Happy Easter!

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