The Energizer Bunny

How was your Easter? I would love to show you photos of our boys dressed in their cute and perfectly matching white polo shirts and khaki pants, only they didn't get to wear them. Not only was the weather not cooperative at 30-something degrees, but the boys and I were sick. We have a slow-dying cold that began a week ago, and I'm beginning to think that it won't ever leave us. Rick and I decided to be good parents and keep our children home from church instead of exposing their nursery-mates to the Energizer-bunny cold.

At any rate, we had a great weekend. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats waiting to hear all about it.

Rick had Good Friday off, and he was gracious enough to entertain the boys all day while I got away by myself. I'm normally not a big fan of shopping, but I had a good bit of birthday cash to spend, so I hit the road with one goal in mind...spend this money on myself as fast as I can! And I did. I spent every bit of it in one hour's time on summer clothing. Although it's cold and dreary right now, our summers are long and hot. A stay-at-home mom cannot have enough shorts and t-shirts to withstand the heat, so I bought seven pair of shorts, eleven casual shirts, and two Sunday outfits. It was the most fun shopping frenzy of my entire life!

My parents kept the boys Friday evening so that Rick and I could get away for dinner. We enjoyed a relaxing meal. We didn't have to cut any one's meat. We didn't have to remind boys to sit nicely at the table. We didn't have to wipe any faces but our own. It was wonderful!

We stayed home on Saturday, since it was colder than a witch's fanny. It was nice to be home as a family without the need to rush anywhere.

We enjoyed most of Easter Sunday at my parents' house. Mom made a fantastic brunch that included my yearly birthday request of red velvet cake!

A day to myself, a shopping frenzy, a date with my favorite man, a day at home with all of my favorite boys, a fantastic day with my parents, and Red. Velvet. Cake. My life is complete! If only I could figure out how to take the batteries away from the Energizer's cold.

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Jodie said...

Ahhh - a nice relaxing weekend. I wish we could say the same! Good for you on the Ami Shopping Spree! We all need those every now and then - even those of us who really do not like to shop :-)