Lil Ron Washington Takes on the Oscars

While many Americans are watching actors and actresses receive their Oscars, I'd rather talk about my actor, Lil Ron Washington.

A local station (KTXA Channel 21) called a couple of weeks ago and asked if Liam would be available to make a promo commercial for their Friday night Rangers' show.

After I said he could participate, the producer's next question was, "More importantly, what does his hair look like right now?" Liam's hair was needing a shave at the time, so we were in business.

Shaved head + glasses + Rangers' shirt + mustache = Lil Ron Washington
The taping took place at Studios 121, which is a very nice studio. I'm not exactly experienced in studios, but it was a pleasant experience, nonetheless.

The producer had our specific studio painted in red/white/blue stripes.
Before beginning the official taping, Liam ran around and made himself quite at home. It might have been the stripes that made him delusional. But if you'll spend two minutes staring at those stripes, you, too, might feel the need to run around like a wild animal.

Originally, Liam wasn't expected to have any lines, but once he made it clear that shyness wasn't going to be an issue, the producer gave him some lines to try.
His lines were: I believe in Ron Washington. I believe in the Texas Rangers. I believe in spring training. I believe in KTXA 21.

Sometimes he sat.

Sometimes he stood with his hands on his hips.
But no matter what he was told to do, he looked the part. And, yes, my boy deserves an Oscar.
Once the producer called it a wrap, Liam began doing cart wheels for fun. Around and around and around he went.
So the camera was turned on to catch my child's antics. And I followed his flips with my camera until I became dizzy.

Whoa! I feel a bit of vertigo just remembering it.

Of course, I asked for our picture to be taken before we left.
(I wish I had stood up straight. I don't know why I sometimes feel the need to bend over in photos with my kids. One of these days, my boys will tower over me, so I need to learn to stand tall and proud while I can.)

Anyway, Jackson was with us, since he had been sick the day before. He was perfectly fine within a few hours, but I follow the 24-hour school rule to the T (or is it tee?).

Liam's commercial should begin airing locally next week. The producer spent last week in Arizona with the Rangers, and he'll be splicing the tape to put the two Rons together. Channel 21 may use different clips throughout the baseball season as well.

Baseball season is upon us, and we're excited!

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