More Snow!

The weather forecasters predicted another inch of snow by Friday morning. But when I couldn't sleep at 3am because of the light, THE LIGHT, entering our bedroom windows, I knew they were only partially right. We actually received more like 5 inches on top of the ice from earlier in the week.
Five inches aren't impressive to my Colorado friends, but our state shuts down for a mere inch. Since Texas drivers don't know how to handle the white stuff, Rick stayed home with us.

After breakfast, we layered up and went out to play. Even Winston.
Our Boston Terrier definitely isn't from Boston. After a few minutes of romping in the snow, he ran for the house.

But not Liam. He LOVES the snow. That's my boy!
Garrett likes it for about ten minutes.
The Toothless Wonder was happy, too, at first.

After a walk around the block, Garrett and Jackson were both in tears. "I'm coooold!"

Yes, snow is cold, boys. Liam, Daddy and I will go skiing in Colorado without you next year.


Didi said...

It's pretty...and,'s cold! J and G can stay with Didi...or I'll go and sit by the fire and we'll have the chili ready when you get back...

jenmall said...

I'm with the "little" boys... They can stay here and be warm with me!