Yeteryear: Garrett's First Days

In honor of my baby's birf-day , I took a stroll through my February 2005 folder.

Within twenty minutes of Garrett's birth, I was allowed to take him to the nursery and stay with him through all of the poking and prodding that is supposedly necessary right after birth.

I never took my hands off of him, and I cried happy tears over him. The nurses probably thought I was crazy.
You can see his eldest birth brother's face in the forefront of that picture. To this day, he loves Garrett.

After the mean nurses were satisfied with the amount of tears they caused, they left me alone to bathe and feed my baby.
Those were very special moments for G and me. I'll treasure those memories forever.

Once the hospital found an empty room for us, Daddy could admire his Groundhog.
We were in OKC for about a week while our paperwork was completed. We got our little Aggie out of Sooner country asap.

Once we got home to CO, if G wasn't in our arms, he was napping on the couch like so:
Actually, it wasn't often that he slept. Ahem. This child has never required much sleep.

And anyway, he wasn't safe on the couch unless his 22 month old brother was occupied.
My sweet Liam wasn't too excited about sharing his mommy in the early days of brotherhood, but he loved to watch tv in Garrett's car seat.

Six years later, what would I tell myself? "Oh, honey, the Lord is about to rock your world with a move to TX and a third boy, but hang in there. You will survive."

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gingerjh said...

Dear Amy,
Loved your memories about the birth of your son. Looking forward to seeing your family soon at Jennifer's new place in TX!! You are a delightful writer.
ginger Hagewood