When Rick brought home pizza for dinner last night, Garrett ran through the house yelling, "MOMMY! YOU DON'T HAVE TO COOK TONIGHT! YEA!"

(For the record, he was NOT celebrating because he didn't have to EAT my cooking. Garrett likes MOST of my cooking. He was merely excited for me, knowing that I thoroughly enjoy a break from cooking. He's a boy after my own heart.)

While running errands today, Jackson spotted numerous birds around a pond. He asked, "Mommy, is that an army of birds?"

(No, that would be a flock, but you can call it an army. It makes me laugh.)

After shaving Liam's head to look like Lil Ron Washington this morning, I asked him why he liked being Lil Ron. He said, "Because I like being on tv."

(Well, okay then.)

(Liam was invited to be in a commercial as Lil Ron Washington. I'll be back to share photos.)

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Wise Observer said...

They must get their humor from their father. ;)