Dragging Out the 6 Year Old's Birthday

Well, hello. I'm the slacker blogger that belongs here. Life has just been getting in the way of blogging lately, and I'm actually surprised to see myself writing right now. I think I'm only here because my legs are SCREAMING at me to sit down.

I thought I was all hot stuff on the treadmill this morning: "Oh, yea, I can push myself just another notch faster today. I'm feelin' great. I'm gettin' back in my workout groove. In fact, I'll just run an extra mile today. No problemo."

Two hours later, my legs are kill.ing me!

A nice, relaxing, sitting down activity must be in order.

So, my little G turned six earlier this month during the ice storm that crippled our neighborhood for several days. Once the ice melted, we had the grandparents over for a family dinner.

Garrett asked for an Aggie helmet cake, and who am I to disappoint our biggest fan?
Why, yes, I made it myself!
And if you believe that I could create something so incredibly cute and realistic, I have beach-front property to sell you.
No, if that job were left to me, I would have made a sheet cake and plopped Garrett's real Aggie helmet on top of it and called it a day.

Instead, we called on our favorite babysitter, Jayden, to do the honors. And she did a fantabulous job!

The little Aggie got his first nice bat from Daddy.
No cheap bat will do for this 6 year old who practices with his big brother's 8 year old team.

After opening gifts, the boys asked to play Markio Kart on the Wii, and Rick thought it would be fun to see his dad play with them.
Look out! The surgeon is at the wheel!
And then, he handed it over to my mom.
Mom, Rick had the camera. Shoot all arrows and complaints at him.

Before I knew it, all 4 grandparents had taken over the Wii.
The boys thought it was hilarious to see them play, but they were quick to get those wheels back as soon as the elderly decided they better get on home and to bed.

Garrett was able to drag his birthday out an extra day with school treats once classes resumed. I stopped by with brownies and found him at the front of his class like this:
Yes, he's wearing a birthday crown upside down over his eyes while his classmates sing to him. Unlike his wild brother, he doesn't know quite what to do with all of the attention on him, so he just didn't look until he could sit down with his brownie.
I'm still trying to get used to this idea of having two six year olds in the house. My babies are no longer babies or even little boys, for that matter. But at least G still has all Chiclet teeth in tact. He keeps asking me when he'll lose his first tooth.

Between you and me, I hope NEVER!

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