Lil Ron Rallies

As I was sitting in the school carpool line Tuesday afternoon, my cell phone rang. It was the Rangers again.

Yep, the Rangers have my number. Let's just pause and let that soak in....

"Hi, Ami. Have you all had a chance to settle down," Cherie (with Promotions) asked.

"Today has felt somewhat normal," I said.

"Well, that may change again," she continued. "Because the Rangers' coaches and players felt that Lil Ron was such an integral part of the World Series, they would like to feature him at our rally tomorrow night. The whole family can come this time. Would you all be available?"

"Wow, we had no idea this would continue! Yes, I'm sure we can come," I responded.

As soon as we got to the Ballpark, we tried for another Christmas card picture. It's not quite what I'm wanting though.
I won't quit until I'm satisfied.


Liam was recognized immediately, even though we arrived two hours before the rally began and the crowds were small. Immediately, his picture was taken by more people than I could count.

We'll pretend that this next picture was not taken inside a beer truck. It was a cute truck, okay!
Liam and I were quickly weary of all the picture taking. Thankfully, a Rangers' rep approached me and asked if we needed to be rescued. I responded with a quick "YES!", and he took us behind the fences. Fans could still take Lil Ron's picture, but at least there was space between us.

There was plenty of waiting, but the boys brought baseballs and were pretty content.
Remember when I said that deciding to take Garrett to the World Series game was an easy decision because he can sit through a game without falling out of his chair? Shortly after this picture was taken:
Jackson fell out of his chair in front of thousands of fans. Yep, he did.

We were interviewed by KRLD, Fox 4, Fox Sports Southwest, NBC 5, and probably someone else that I've since forgotten about. Radio and television interviews all run together after a while.

Now, there's a statement I thought I'd never make.

CBS 11 wanted to interview Rick this time. It's funny that he gets more nervous in front of the camera than I do. He's the extrovert in this relationship, yet he stumbles over his first few words when a reporter is asking the questions.
That sweet lady in the background with the red jacket is Cherie, the Rangers' rep that took such great care of us at the World Series. She feels like family now. Mom, I think we should set an extra place for her at our Thanksgiving table.

The rally began at 6pm. The coaches and many of the players were introduced and seated on the stage, while we stayed in the "family" seating.

All owners and coaches were present. A lot of the players have already gone home, but all of the big names were there. Kinsler, Hamilton, Murphy, Feliz, Andrus, Young, Oliver to name a few.

When Ian Kinsler was interviewed, he said, "I don't see that stadium over there, 'cuz this is where all the action is!"

He was referring to the Cowboys' stadium across the street, which is gigantic. But considering how horrible the Cowgirls are this year, his statement was hilarious! Kinsler got laughter from 10,000 fans and a high five from Emily Jones.
I won't bore you with picture after picture of the players on stage, but I will post another picture of my fave, David Murphy. Every time this guy sees my boy, he stops to acknowledge him. There's something very genuine about him.
When it was time for Chuck Morgan to introduce Ron Washington, Lil Ron was brought forward instead of Wash. The crowd cheered and laughed.
Wash found it hysterical, too.

Chuck asked Liam, "Wash, what do you have to say tonight?" Liam said, "That's the way baseball go!" And the fans cheered.

Coaches and players continually thanked the fans for their support throughout the season. And they all promised a winning World Series next year. I can't wait!

The players and coaches split pretty quickly at the end of the rally. I can't blame them. Their off season is very short.

But Captain stayed long enough to play with my boys and to bite my head.
I'm sorry; there's not a photo of him biting my head. I was a bit taken aback and didn't think quickly enough to take a picture.

How do you like those World Series jackets? Cherie gave one to each boy. But because they're too big on the boys, guess who scored herself a World Series jacket?!

The family with the antlers:
My mom was able to go with us, and we got a cute picture of her and the boys.
I owe her BIG time after this whole ordeal. She was a huge help to me during the many interviews! She watched the little boys so that I could focus on reporters, and she took behind-the-scenes photos. She even brought us a lasagna for dinner the night after the big game. She knew I was worn out. Thank you, Mom!

Once the crowds thinned out, we made our way to the car. Liam's picture was taken a few more times, until he finally said, "No more pictures. I've taken like a billion tonight!"

With that being said, we've made sure there are no more photos, and we've turned down interviews. We told him all along that we would make it all stop as soon as he got tired of it.

Lil Ron woke up early the next morning, so we pulled out the clippers. He was ready to be Liam again.
I missed that cute head.
All good things must come to an end.
But what a wonderful time it was!


Didi said...

Like his daddy said...this is something that you've all experienced that no one else in the whole world has experienced! We've all loved living it through you. What an incredible week!

I enjoyed every minute helping you and watching. You are welcome for the lasagna and tell Cherie she'll have to meet us in Marble Falls for Thanksgiving..but she's welcome to come!

Bee Jay said...

Wonderful for putting in the memory bank! Certainly a few there that Liam will always remember. blessings!

Lucas said... exciting! I found your blog last night and stayed up late reading all the Lil Ron stories. I just told Colleen, so now she's reading up on them. What an awesome experience.