My Little Cowboy

For a long time, Jackson has asked for cowboy boots. It was around Halloween that Rick told him he could get his first pair for his 6th birthday. I patted my husband on the back for such a wonderful idea, because Jack's birthday falls only twelve days after Christmas, and I'm typically OUT of gift ideas by then.

True to Daddy's word, we took J-man to Cavendar's the night before his birthday to pick out his boots and hat. Rick's parents met us there to buy the cowboy a shirt and belt.
He chose black ropers, a black felt hat, a two-tone Longhorn belt, and a shirt that he calls the "Stampede shirt".
He dressed up for school on his birthday the next day and looked cuter than any cowboy I've ever seen.
And he hammed it up BIG TIME.
I wouldn't let him take his cowboy hat to school, but his teacher gave him a party hat for the day.
My mom took him Subway for lunch, and Garrett couldn't be left out of a good meal.

After lunch, I brought cupcakes to his class.
He stood on a chair while his classmates sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

He loved every ounce of the special attention.
When I went to bed that night, I was reminded that a cowboy lives in my house now.
On his birthday, the Lord kept reminding me of how far we've come with this little man. This time six years ago, I was still grieving the loss of Jack's failed adoption. I wondered where in the world he was and what would come of his life. Just a few months later, we were elated to finally be able to adopt him and bring him home. But the emotions were bitter sweet, as he came home with many needs. The Lord's grace carried us through some really tough times during Jackson's first year of life. Now that he's six, he's a silly little man with great potential.

Jackson, I love you, cowboy!


Didi said...

He's a very cute and very special cowboy! I am proud to call him my grandson! I love him so much!

Kgerl said...

I love this post.