Mug Shots

Back in December 2008, we created face ornaments. I had hoped to repeat this activity every year, but we never got around to it last year. I have no idea why, because we enjoy this art project immensely.

Here is the The Toothless Wonder (a.k.a. Jackson) with his two ornaments.
His 2008 creation (on the left) was pretty much a blob, but this year's face actually looks like a face.
He added a mohawk, as he begs for a real one with every haircut. We let him have one for about 5 minutes at the beginning of every shave.

Garrett's old version had all of the appropriate facial features, but they weren't necessarily placed where they belonged. But this year's face really looks like him.
Curls and all.
Liam would probably create a new face every day. He loves being creative.
This year's face includes the addition of glasses and a baseball cap, of course.
And really BIG lips.

I dare you to try it with your kids and send me pictures! It's really fun and easy. (Click here for directions.)

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Didi said...

Our boys....the artists. Good job, Guys!