Garrett's 15 Minutes of Fame

A few months ago, Garrett drew a picture of the the Aggies playing Arkansas. Rick submitted the drawing to Aggieland Illustrated, and they asked permission to print Garrett's art in an upcoming issue. Of course, Rick agreed, but we decided to not tell G about it. Rick and I have anxiously awaited the magazine's arrival in the mail, and it finally came this week.
I hid the magazine until Rick got home, and he took the boys to the couch to browse through it. He flipped through each page, making comments along the way, until he got to Garrett's page. He paused and let it sink in.

The boys looked at the page, and suddenly Garrett recognized his drawing. He was shocked and literally speechless at first. He fell back, and I caught it here:
Then, he sat up and said, "That's my picture!"
It sure is, sweet boy.

I'm so glad I had the camera ready for his facial expressions.

The caption included with the drawing reads: The EZ Hail Mary snapshot in the October issue inspired AI subscriber Garrett (age 5) to draw a picture of his favorite players, Jerrod Johnson and Jeff Fuller, following the Arkansas game. His father, Rick '93, assumed the creature on the field was Reveille, but Garrett corrected him. "No dad. That's a dinosaur."

At the time, the Aggies needed dinosaurs to help with the season, but they pulled out BIG wins in November, and now they're bound for the Cotton bowl. Whoop!


Bee Jay said...

Congratulations Garrett! Great job! Blessings!

Carly A. K. said...

Oh my goodness! What is it about your boys and the spotlight?! Maybe Jack will get his turn one day! Love the look on Garret's face. :)
Happy back to blogging; I missed reading the Roybal News. Merry Christmas!

Didi said...

Congrats Little Aggie! You already bleed maroon! Didi is proud of you!