A Christmas Tradition

The boys and I continued our yearly tradition this past weekend.
We're not smiling, because it takes great concentration to create a gingerbread masterpiece.

When I study the above photo, I see each one of my boys' personalities shining through. Jack (far left) is popping bubble wrap and paying little attention to the main task at hand. Liam (middle) is taking charge of the front door. And Garrett (right) is carefully organizing the candies.

In the end, we have a cute gingerbread house, but the boys were not in the mood to pose for the camera.
Yes, they're in their pj's again. I love this time of year, because the early nightfall is an excellent excuse for early showers. I love the smell of freshly showered boys.

In other news, I have a new tree topper.
It's cute in the daylight, but it gets lost when the sun goes down. But it'll do for now.

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Bee Jay said...

Its a wonderful tradition you have there with everyone participating - even though some are more interested (doing) than others, its one the boys will look back on and remember when they are much much older. End product - fabulous!