Yesteryear: December 2005

I opened my December 2005 file to this picture:
Holy cow, where did my baby go?! Garrett was 10 mos. old and full of delicious squishyness.

And Jack was 11 mos. and had a fetish for shoes.
If ever I couldn't find him, I could go to the mudroom and find him in a sea of shoes with a big smile on his face.

My Liam at 2 1/2:
Seriously, I have tears in my eyes right now! WHY do the have to grow up?!

He was (and is) so darn cute!
Back in those days, every time I pulled out the camera, the two little boys would get right in my face for a picture.
And Daddy was able to hold everyone in his lap.
Unless Jack was busy climbing something.
He's the one that I found in the middle of the dining room table a month prior to this photo at 9 mos.

Garrett was definitely too cautious to climb a table or a ladder, but he applauded Jackson's efforts.
And Liam adored trains.
My sweet baby Santas....
Oh, how I miss those days!


Carly A. K. said...

Oh my goodness! They are soooo cute!! How did you ever say no to those adorable big brown eyes and chocolatey cheeks? Our little man over here who knows how to whip out his dimples and get away with WAY too much! Keep the baby photos coming, please!

Daddy said...

I love my family! My, have they grown!

Didi said...

Busy times, exhausting times, but oh how I miss these days! Love my boys!