Our Beautiful Mugs

I ran across a fun family Christmas project last year, which we never got around to. Because I'm trying to be more intentional about our family time these days, I presented the idea to the family a couple of weeks ago.

The idea is to create ornaments for your family's faces. The idea came from Family Fun magazine. (I thought about claiming the idea for my own ingenuity, but I knew you would see right through it.)

In birth order, here is our family hanging upon the tree:

Rick. He has a little more hair on the sides of his head in real life.

Moi. If only my lips were that luscious in real life.

Liam. The child thoroughly enjoyed this art project.

Jack. This would be a good time to tell you that I hope to repeat this exercise every year to see how the boys' self expression changes.
That Jack is not gifted in the artistic department as of yet.

Here's Garrett. Remembering that he and Jack are only 26 days apart, you might be impressed to see two eyes, two ears, one mouth, and one nose on G.

And we could not forget our dog. Winston has the face that only a mother could love.
Since I'm not claiming this idea as my own, you can go here for the directions.

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Daddy said...

I think I resemble Ernie from Sesame Street.