Decking My Halls

Today was a glorious day in which I got to stay home all day to decorate my house for Christmas. It was a cold and windy day, so I thought it a perfect day to deck my halls. I played Christmas music throughout the house, too.
I still have a few areas to tweak in decor, such as that pitiful bow on top of the tree. I have wanted a new topper for years, and this will be the year. Oh, yes, it will.

No, there aren't any gifts under the tree. I'm definitely not finished with shopping, and I'm learning to not stress over it. I'm typically finished by December 1st, but I will not hyperventilate if it takes me an extra two weeks.

I will not hyperventilate. I will not hyperventilate. I will not hyperventilate.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions with our little family is to sing Christmas carols in our living room while Rick plays the guitar. Because our wonderful friends loaned us their piano last spring and it has become Rick's favorite pastime, it is only fitting for us to move our Christmas carols to the piano. I snapped this picture of my men tonight.
The boys were already dressed for bed. Garrett enjoys the caroling the most, as he is our most musically-inclined child. Liam will sing the first couple of lines, and then he squirrels around. Jack usually moves around, but he was mesmerized by a picture frame I put out today.

My mother-in-law gave us this photo of my father-in-law last year, and I put it on top of the piano today for this holiday season.
I've forgotten how old my father-in-law was, but he's not so sure about Santa handing him a peppermint stick.

Since I just put the picture out today, the boys noticed it as we were singing tonight. Jack was completely distracted by it and could hardly take his eyes off of this picture of his Pop.

After several minutes of studying the photo, Jack asked, "Why is Pop Santa?"

"Pop is the boy, not Santa," Rick explained.

"Oh," Jack said, but I could tell he was still confused.

"Pop was a boy before he was a man," I said.

"Oh," and I could tell by his tone that he didn't realize that fact. Isn't it funny that we assume kids know certain things, such as grandparents once being children? It's never even occurred to me to explain that to them. Well, now he knows.

Clearly we need to show the boys more photos of their grandparents' childhood. Maybe that will become a new Christmas tradition.

Signing off to gaze at my Christmas tree. I want to enjoy this season.

Merry Christmas!


Didi said...

Love it when I find new posts to your blog! You should link to FB so others can know you have written.

Love this picture of the boys singing carols. Wish I'd been a bug on the wall so I could hear.

Bee Jay said...

What a beautiful tree! (with or without the topper bow) Wonderful to hear how you all enjoy Christmas traditions - and wonderful memories for the boys!