The answers to "Guess Who?":

1. Garrett was limping because of a fall on the playground. He told me he couldn't walk correctly because he "fell and twisted it". He proceeded to model the twisting action in the afflicted ankle. I knew it wasn't serious, and that was confirmed when he was running after Liam two minutes later.

2. Liam was running late. In fact, he was probably the last student to exit the building that afternoon. To his credit, his classroom is located in the busiest hall of the school. If his teacher doesn't dismiss them a minute early, then they get stuck behind a million kids.

3. Liam and Jack's shoes were untied. Of course. They can tie their own shoes, but who has time for such a daunting task? If I didn't make them tie their shoes first thing in the morning, they probably wouldn't bother even then.

4. Who was holding hands with a girl? Jackson, Jackson, Jackson. When I asked him why he was holding hands with a girl, he said, "I don't know. She told me to." Aye aye aye! I didn't make a big deal out of it, but I know that Jack will struggle in the area of peer pressure, so I gave him a little chat. He's his father's child. What else can I say?

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