Garrett's Mini Me

I am not a creative mom; therefore, I have feared the artsy-fartsy projects my boys will bring home from school. Such a project came home last week for Garrett.

Mrs. Whitsell sent home a "mini me" on cardstock. The assignment was for parent and child to decorate it to look like the child. Instead of breaking out in hives or hyperventilating, I rung my hands for 24 hours. Then, I set out for Hobby Lobby to gather supplies. I'm so proud of my coping skills.

Garrett was so pleased with the supplies I found, and we sat down to complete the assignment together. Much to my surprise, it was a fun time.
From head to toe, the mini Garrett has yarn for curls, googly eyes for (duh!) eyes, bead wiring for glasses, markers for nose and mouth, felt for his favorite outfit (Aggie shirt and camo shorts), black marker for socks and shoes completed with yarn for shoelaces.
Hopefully, this project has eased my fears of creative homework. We'll see....

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Didi said...

Great job, Mommy and GB! Looks just like you!