Personalities in a Box

As I was changing the boys' sheets, I stubbed my toes on various forgotten objects that have taken up residence under their beds.

Note to self: Remind the boys that cleaning up does not mean stuffing items under beds.

The one item that does belong under each of their beds is their special box. Each boy has a plastic shoe box with their name. They are able to put "special items" inside their box, and they do not have to share any of these important objects with anyone.

My only rules for these boxes are:
1. The boxes need to be under their beds, unless the boys are playing with them.
2. The boxes cannot overflow.
3. The boys may not raid their brothers' boxes.

As I stubbed my toes, I took a peek under each bed and giggled. I didn't find humor in the extra toys under their beds, but I did have a good chuckle at the sight of the special boxes. Each box gave a good picture of my boys' personalities.

Jack's box:
His bos is not at all full, because he probably forgot about that box two minutes after I gave it to him a year ago.

The contents:
Daddy's driver's license from 1987 and old photos from Daddy's life as a college boy, because Jack loves his Daddy to the core of his being. A broken Star Wars toy, because he loves Star Wars almost as much as he loves his father, but he's a bit rough on toys.

Garrett's box:
It's not full, because my Mini Me and I, we don't like to keep much of anything. If we don't truly need it, we throw it away.

The contents:
A Cars diary with some scribblings inside, because Type A persons typically journal, even before we can read and write. Aggie football trading cards and magazine clippings, because hello!, anything Aggie-related is worth keeping. A bag of small shells that his biggest brother gave him. Don't forget the maroon rock next to the Aggie cards, because hello!, G bleeds maroon.

Liam's box:
It's overflowing, because this child collects everything, and he's not the least bit concerned about cleanliness, bless his heart.

When I ask him where the box's lid is, he'll say, "What lid?" Mark my words!

The contents:
There's too much junk to list each item individually, but I do see his watch on top. He loves that watch, but he probably has no idea where it is, because hello!, it's a pig sty in there. He loves Garfield, and it's quite natural to see one of his books in this stash. There might be 200 baseball cards thrown in here for good measure.

Oh, my boys...I love them so. They are each so different, and it's funny how these plastic boxes mirror their little personalities.


Didi said...

This is so THEM! And, perfect! Awesome memory for the blog.

Daddy said...

This is GREAT!!!

I wonder what's under my bed?