In Case You've Been Wondering...

...they're getting better. They're almost to my eyebrows.

This photo was taken by a friend's two year old daughter, thus the reason for my chin being cut off. And the goofy face.

Because I don't have my own girl, I have to borrow every once in a while. My friend, Amanda, is in the process of adopting a black girl, Lorraine, through the state, and when we took our bazillion kids to the zoo recently, I pretended the little missy was mine. I can't share her picture, because Lorraine's adoption isn't yet finalized, but once that happens on March 30th, rest assured that I will show you her scrumptious cheeks live on this here blog.

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Anonymous said...

Great Pic!!! that was such a fun day! You know ou can borrow her anytime you want... we may need to talk about arranged marriage later on :) See you on Sat. night!