From the Backyard to the Diamond

We have entered a new phase in the CupRunnethOver household. We are now an "official" baseball family. By that, I mean we are no longer just playing in the backyard, but Liam is now on a team.
As you can see, he is a KC Royal.

Let's just pause for a moment and reflect on the sovereignty of God. The Lord knows how I have loved baseball for oh so many years, and He knows that I need my own little league. We are currently the proud parents of two boys who live and breathe baseball, and we are working on the third boy at this present time. Thank you, Lord.

Our local league doesn't take the little sluggers until they're 5 years old, so Liam is the only official player this year. He is disappointed that they also only allow t-ball at this age, because t-ball is "for babies, don't you know?" Yes, Liam, I know. But we figured he would benefit from a year of fielding experience, so t-ball it is.

His first game was last week, and we went all out and invited the entire extended family. Half the bleachers were taken up by our family. It was only slightly embarrassing, because there was one other family outnumbering us.
One of Liam's biggest fans is his cousin Preston, who was a KC Royal last year. Aren't they a cute pair?
Oddly enough, they share the same number, as well.
Did you know that t-ball is not all game? There's plenty of time to make new buddies in the dug out, too.
As a side note, Liam is not the only "brown boy" on his team, which has thrilled Liam to no end. (The other brown boy must have been up at bat during the above photo.)

Liam was selected to be pitcher for this first game. If you're like me, you're wondering why in the world a t-ball game needs a pitching position, being that the ball is not actually, you know, pitched. I was lovingly told by my informant (a.k.a. my husband) that the pitcher has the vital role of catching the ball and throwing it to first base.

Liam was more excited about his fan club at the beginning of the game than the game itself, so he missed the first couple of plays. And then, he had about 20 people yelling at him to watch the ball. Daddy had to learn to pipe down and let the coaches, you know, coach. Daddy and Liam both settled down after a few minutes, and our boy made us proud with his attentiveness for the rest of the game.

Here he is in the center of the shot with his hands on his knees awaiting the ball. Just like his Daddy taught him in our backyard.
Even though t-ball is for babies, my big boy can smack that ball a good one.

And he can run like the wind.

I don't want to brag, but I'm going to brag. The coaches' wife kept saying, "Are you sure he's never played on a team before? He's a natural." My response was very humble and gracious, but I wanted to stand up on my bleacher and shout out, "THAT'S MY BABY! HE GETS HIS NATURAL ATHLETIC ABILITIES FROM ME!" But then, I might fall off the bleacher and eat humble pie.

I also want to journal a moment we didn't capture on camera. After Liam scored the first time, he did a cartwheel on his way to the dugout. Again, the coaches' wife, "Wow, he does a good cartwheel, too! Is he in gymnastics?" No, he taught himself that trick at the age of 2.

Apparently, the coaches' wife wasn't the only one impressed with Liam's first game, because he was awarded the game ball.
As I put him to bed that night, I said, "Do you know why I'm so proud of you tonight?" He said, "Because I played a good game." I said, "I am proud that you played a good game, but I'm more proud of how well you listened to your coach and how sweet you were to the other players."

Because it's not just about the game you play. It's also about who you are. The Lord gave him an amazing athletic ability, but I want Liam to learn to use all of his gifts for His glory.

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common mom said...

Yay Liam!!! How fun!

We, too, enter the world of little league this week. Dude is so excited to play again (he played last summer for the Y). And I LOVE baseball - so I can't wait either!

Now to get princess with a glove on her hand - not sure it'll happen ;-)