Howdy! How y'all been for the past 2 weeks?

I've been great, because this has been my view for the past 13 days:
Isn't it breathtaking?!

If you believe that I've been on a beach for nearly two weeks, then I have a beautiful vacation home on the other side of that lens to sell you.

Instead of a dreamy vacation that you could drool over, I have been living my regular life. Only my regular life has taken on a life of its own. A life which hasn't allowed time for blogging, which makes me terribly fussy.

When Rick came home tonight, I was jabbering away about how my friend Colleen was able to go see Ree. "She's my favorite blogger, and Colleen got to meet her! In person! She's so lucky! Isn't that cool?!"

He said, "Yea, that's cool. When are you going to write on your blog again?"

"When do I have the time anymore, " I moaned.

"You need to write every night, " he said.

Ohhhh, look out blog, 'cuz I've been given permission to visit you every night!

Of course, I've thought about blogging at night, but our evenings are usually reserved for family time. And once the boys are in bed, Rick and I usually spend time gabbing or vegging on the couch together. But now that he's noticed my days are filling up too quickly, he's offering a portion of our evenings to blogging. Because he loves me.

Or because he finds me funnier on my blog than in person.

So, coming up shortly on CupRunnethOver:

  • I've found a great way to survive time changes! No more moaning over that lost hour.
  • The high-maintenance campers are baaaack!
  • An interview with my boys to see how they view me. I'm a little bit scared.
  • My friend Colleen has a new t-shirt company that I have to tell you about!
Y'all come back now, ya' hear?

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