My Tank is Full

As we were climbing into bed last night, Rick mentioned that he might take the day off, since it was supposed to be another pretty day. Since it was long after my bedtime, my only response might have been a yawn.

But instead of waking up to his 5:30 alarm this morning, we slept until 7:15. Good times!

We spent the day in the yard. Daddy and the boys finished their spring gardens, while I picked weeds. (I actually enjoy picking weeds. I know it's weird.)

The boys were able to choose what to plant in their own garden. They chose tomatoes, a few herbs, and cauliflower. (Cauliflower? I know it's weird.)

Daddy's garden is behind them with strawberries, potatoes, and more herbs. That was our only garden last year. We started out small to see how much we would enjoy it. Come to find out, we all love it. Rick and the boys love the digging, watering, and picking, and I love the eating.

Actually, we all love the eating, and we're a sight to see sharing the slim pickings. Did you know that a small garden produces only a small amount of food? We were a sight to see bartering over 3 strawberries at a time.

So Rick allowed the boys their own plot this year. They're only a little excited about it.
Before I know it, our entire backyard may be a garden. But if it saves me a weekly trip to the store for fresh produce, so be it.

Since my love language is quality time, my tank is full after having my man home for the day.

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