Go Buy Yourself a New T-shirt

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was jealous of my friend Colleen for getting to meet Ree.

Well, let me tell you a little about Colleen. I love her to death! She's vivacious and beautiful. We met when she dated my brother in the early 90s. And, yes, she still speaks to me!

After their breakup, we kept up with each other every once in a while. Just enough to find out when major events took place in our lives such as college graduation and marriage. In fact, when she and I were newlyweds (not to each other but to our respective husbands), Rick and I stayed with Colleen and her hubby while we vacationed in Germany in 2000.

Due to her hubby's career in the Air Force and their many moves, we lost contact between 2000 and 2009. We each looked for one another during that time but to no avail. But thanks to that trusty tool called Facebook, we reconnected in January of this year. And Colleen and her girls came to visit a few weeks later.

Seeing Colleen after all those years was like only a month had passed, only between the two of us, we now have 5 more kids than we had 9 years ago. Funny what can happen in nine years. But anyway, Colleen was still Colleen, and we had a great time catching up.

She was wearing this really cute t-shirt that night, and I asked where she got it. "Oh, a friend and I are starting a new t-shirt company and this is one of our shirts," she said. "Really, " I squealed with delight.

Come to find out, she and her friend decided to start a business of creating stylish Christian t-shirts after seeing some random t-shirt at a restaurant one night. That shirt said something to the effect of "Life is crap." As Colleen put it, "Life is not crap. Life is a gift from God. And I'm tired of seeing junk like that."

Well, there you go. I can't think of a better reason to start a new business.

Because I love Colleen and because I want to support her new bizness, please check out Wild Olive Tees' website here. Free shipping for the month of March, so hurry on over there and spread the word!


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Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Thanks for posting and sportin' our Wild Olive Tees button. You have been entered in our giveaway!

And how fun for you and Colleen to reconnect! I agree.. shes da' bomb!