Translation Please

Liam's love for paper grows by leaps and bounds by the day. He's loved drawing and coloring for quite some time now. But he's recently been trying to write sentences almost daily.

He brought me a piece of paper last week that said:

Yoo luv Liam I no sats
I luv yoo Didi bucus I pwa wf you

I must have graduated from kindergarten with flying colors, because I was able to read that without Liam's help. Translation:
You love Liam. I know my states.
I love you Didi [my mom] because I play with you.

I showed great excitement over his ability to sound out his own thoughts. He scampered off to try again.

He came back with:
Dot figet the postr I luv yoo Didi
Wsuo roo ike pin

This one took much more concentration on my part. But I can tell you that the first line translates to:
Don't forget the poster. I love you Didi.
[He's referring to a poster project that he began with her a couple weeks ago.]

But that last line.... Well, now, that one had me stumped. I humbled myself and asked my 5 year old what "Wsuo roo ike pin" meant.

My question was met with silence. He was equally confused by his own writing.

Perhaps I need your help. What could it be?
Wsuo roo ike pin

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