I Have a Question

Whose torso has lengthened 5 inches since the last time I shopped for myself? Raise your hand if that question describes you.

I swear the majority of American females must have grown 5 inches vertically in the torso since I last shopped. Granted, I probably haven't shopped in nearly a year, but still.

What I tried on a year ago was already 3-4 inches too long for my short trunk. So I just didn't buy very much in hopes that the long shirt style would hurry up and die.

After shopping at Old Navy on Saturday, I am very sad to report that the long shirt style has not died. Instead, the long shirt style has grown to be at least 8-9 inches too long on me. I might as well buy the shirt and wear it as a dress, because that's what 85% of Old Navy's shirts look like on me.

Who else out there needs this style to die a quick death? Where can I shop for shirts that fit my short trunk appropriately yet stylishly? Please don't tell me to try a petite shop. I need more specifics than that before I hyperventilate.

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