It Tastes Like Butter!

Liam and I are studying cows this week, which has also taken us onto the topic of dairy products. We created butter from cream today. Isn't that an impressive idea?

No, I didn't think of it myself. The teacher's guide in My Father's World says, "Make butter."

And I just so happen to know how to make butter.

If you believe the above statement, then I have a mountain home to sell you.

I do not know how to make butter, but I didn't even have to google it. The teacher's guide explained to pour whipping cream into a jar and to shake for about twenty minutes.

We don't have a jar, so how about a sports bottle?
We shook, shook, shook for twenty minutes. We sort of shared the shaking responsibility, but I bet you can guess who did the majority of the work.

Then, everyone enjoyed some fresh butter on crackers for a mid-morning snack. Some of these children weren't too sure if they would like it. I won't name any names, but I bet you can figure it out.
"Mmm, this is good, Mommy!"
And we tried to not cry over spilled butter.
I'm really glad that butter-making is not left to me and a sports bottle. It was quite a workout for my arms, especially considering how little butter formed from a pint of cream.

But it's what memories are made of.

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Emy said...

This is one of my favorite things to do with my students! But, we always use a baby food jar and just a little cream, that way it comes together a little quicker. FUN!