A Day at the Farm

The boys and I gathered some cousins and friends for a trip to the pumpkin patch at the Mainstay Farm yesterday. We spent 4 hours at this old dairy farm and enjoyed nearly every square inch of it. Of course, there were pumpkins, but there was also a hay ride, two mazes, a super chute, a three-story tree house, and plenty of sneeze-inducing hay.

Excellent photo opps? Of course. Willing participants? Not so much.
Garrett never agreed to a decent photo during the entire visit. He was just too busy climbing and jumping on the hay.
Jack says, "Would you take the picture already?"
Liam says, "Yep, you can take my picture, but I'm going to give you some 'tude in my pose." (That would be "attitude", folks.) He really just wanted to be left alone to climb on the hay bails for hours.
I did pull them away to see the baby goats. Isn't this one cute?
Almost cute enough to take home, except for the poop issue.

Garrett became friends with this little fellow.
While waiting for the hay ride, I told the boys to find the tiniest pumpkins out of the patch. Their finds:
Actually, we brought home some bigger ones, but I like messin' with my boys.

Garrett has been interested in photography lately, so I let him take a couple shots. Proof that I was indeed the adult in charge:
In my mind, this was such a cute photo opp. But the boys were done buns after 4 hours of intense sunshine.
Oh well, we had a good time.
Fall, please come to Texas soon!

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