The Simplicity of Cooler Weather

We were greeted with one of our favorite gifts this weather! It was downright chilly at 47 degrees this morning.

There's no greater way to get me out of bed in the morning than to know I can open the back door and be greeted with the rush of cold air.

Well, if Rick woke me up and whispered that he's taking me to Europe that very day, then I suppose I would hop out of bed for that event as well. But that didn't happen today.

At any rate, I hopped out of bed to experience the weather change firsthand with the opening of the back door. Pure bliss!

When I walked upstairs to get the boys up for the day, I whispered, "Boys! It's cold outside! Let's go open the back door." They sprang out of bed and ran downstairs. They love cooler weather as much as I do.

When it was time to dress for the day, they were thrilled to choose long sleeves and pants and insisted the I take a picture. I let them twist my arm.
Garrett chose a Beatles t-shirt, naturally. Liam wanted camo and an army shirt, of course. Jack chose a shirt merely because it has a pocket on the front. It's the little things that thrill these boys.

A silly photo was snapped, as well. Naturally.


Daddy said...

Surprise! It's cold again this morning. Maybe Europe tomorrow.

common mom said...

Every single morning I can't WAIT to let Duma out . . . because I get to stand there and let the cool air rush in - the cool, crisp, clean mountain air - ahhhhhhh how I love a cool morning!