Thanksgiving 2010

It's been nearly three weeks since I've written, and I can blame the time lapse on the fact that I've suffered from writer's block. Crickets were chirping in my brain.

At any rate, The High-Maintenance Campers pulled out of town over the Thanksgiving holiday, which typically means I have writing material upon our return home.

My parents invited us to join them in Marble Falls, TX for four nights, and it was great to get away. I spent much of my childhood swimming and boating on the lakes in this area, so it felt like going home.

Shortly before our trip, Jack lost his second tooth up top. Just call him "the Toothless Wonder".
Winston, the dog, enjoyed someone else receiving all the snaggle teeth jokes.

The Toothless Wonder didn't let it slow him down. Not much does on any given day. He is our wild man after all.
And boy does he love sticks! Give him a twig of any size, and he can enter his imaginary world of gun fighting, bow hunting, kung fu, or fishing.

Meanwhile, give his brothers a baseball, a glove, and their Daddy.

Liam, the All Star
Rick, their hero
Garrett, the South Paw

The boys' other favorite pastime this trip was their Razors. On a whim, we decided to pack their scooters, and what a great idea.
They spent hours riding, racing, jumping.
The Toothless Wonder is quite the hot dog.
Garrett was rather perturbed with my need to get a close-up.

While the boys play happily, the adults typically shoot the breeze, but it's not long before someone needs us. Case in point: look at G's hands.
But before more baseball, we posed for a family photo.
Yes, we're all in Aggie shirts, except for my dad. He loves to give my boys a hard time about everything Aggie related.

And please pardon my hair. It just has a mind of its own some days.

The weather was very mild this Thanksgiving morning, so we pulled out the canoe.
Rick took each boy on a ride.
I have no idea why Jack looks unhappy, unless it's because it was time to share.
Garrett was the last to ride. Within minutes of that photo, the wind picked up and a cold front blew in within seconds. It was the strangest sensation to be standing in 70 degrees, and suddenly the wind shift caused the temp to drop 20 degrees immediately. Needless to say, we had to head for the comfort of the camper for our Mexican Thanksgiving meal and football.

As is Texas tradition for turkey day, we had to watch the Dallas Cowboys' game. We knew they would lose to the New Orleans Saints, but traditions prevail.

That night, THE football game entertained us on tv. The Aggies beat the Longhorns. Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving" quite like an Aggie win over their arch rivals. WHOOP!

The boys were anxious to play outside the next morning, and they were excited to need their winter gear.

Liam, the Nut
Jack, the glove lover
Garrett, whom always looks great in green

We drove to Austin later in the day. Let me just tell you that Hopdoddy's on South Congress has the most delicious burgers. I will most definitely get my buns back their in the future.
Rick took control of the camera while we waited for our lunch. There's proof behind the pickles.
And a picture of me while having a better hair day.
We also took the boys to see the Capitol.

Liam counted the steps inside and can't wait to report to his teacher next week.

After our tour, we stepped outside to a beautiful afternoon. It was warm enough to strip our jackets and take some pictures.

And the boys played with a new friend on the Capitol grounds.
We were able to spend the rest of our trip outside with light jackets. I think the boys got plenty of outdoor play, and I know I had plenty to eat.

We didn't have any major mishaps on this trip, which needs to go down in the record books. Maybe we're not the High-Maintenance Campers any long, as much as we're the Classy Travelers.

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