We'll Accept Any and All Aggie Scholarships

We're trying to have some fun for these last few days of summer. One such fun day was bowling with friends. As I announced to the boys that it was time to leave the house, I reminded them to grab some socks.

Liam chose his baseball socks:
You should see that child bowl. It is a hoot! He starts running the moment his feet touch the wood flooring, and he hurls the ball, as if "he's playing shot put," as my friend Jena described it.

Texas A&M's track and field coach might want to look him up in 12 years. We'll gladly accept scholarships for his strong arm and fast legs.

His good buddy, Cab, takes a slower and more methodical approach:
After Liam and Cab took their first turns, they sat like this:
Yes, that's Liam sitting in Cab's lap. Aww, the innocence of being six!

Cab's little brother, Caden, insists on putting his fingers in the ball's three holes, even though he still needs two hands to drag that baby up to the line.
Jackson didn't want any of my help. Apparently, he didn't need it, because he came in 2nd place at the end of the game!

Texas A&M, are you impressed? Is there such a thing as an Aggie bowling league? If so, look us up in 14 years.
Garrett liked to watch his bowl roll at 0.2mph. Thank goodness, he's good at baseball. Because bowling...not so much.
"His coach" already knows about him, and we do expect baseball scholarships for that boy.

After the game, we gathered them up for a group picture. For some reason, they all wanted to do this:

(Left to right: Cab, Liam, Jack, Garrett, Caden)

We'll be sure and go back again soon to practice their shot put, bowling, baseball techniques. Aggies, you can reach us at 000-000--0012 in 12 and 14 years for your scholarship donations. We'll be ready for ya' by then.

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Debbie B said...

Oh what fun they had!
We took my niece for the first time when she was just 2. She LOVED it, btu what she loved most were the shoes that didn't even fit her feet they were so big. She didn't want to take them off. That's a girl for you.