Did I or Did I Not?

Did I tell the lady that her skirt was stuck in her, um, undergarments?

Welllll, I'd love to tell you that I did the wonderful Christian thing. I'd love to say that I walked right up to her, tapped her on the shoulder, and whispered into her ear, "Your skirt is, um, stuck in your, um, underwear."

I really wanted to do the right thing. But my shy self overcame me, and I didn't do it.

I am so sorry. I have asked the Lord to forgive me. Dear Lady with your skirt stuck in your underwear, please forgive me. Dear Readers, please forgive me.

I promise to do better the next time.


Daddy said...

Sometimes Silence is Golden, my Love. You did the right thing.

Emy said...

ha ha!
I told a mother one time that her daughter's skirt was tucked in her panties and her response was, "So sorry if we offended you."
So, from now on, I'm keeping my mouth shut. :o)