That Guy *UPDATED*

That guy that I married ten years ago.... That guy that I love very much.... That guy that's my best friend.... That guy that helps me raise three little men....

That guy had a heart attack Friday night.


Thankfully, it was a mild attack. Thankfully, the Lord kept pushing me to ask Rick if he thought he was having a heart attack that evening, when he complained of a weighted feeling on his chest. Thankfully, that guy didn't blow it off. Thankfully, that guy's dad is a doctor, and within 30 seconds on the phone with Rick, he told us to go the ER. Thankfully, we wound up at a hospital with a heart center.

Yep, my guy is now a heart patient. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around that idea.

He is in the hospital on a blood thinner and a beta blocker. He was pretty miserable yesterday with headaches and nausea, but he sounds much better this morning.

He will have an angiogram on Monday to check for blockage. If the blockage is cleared up, he will come home Monday. If the angiogram shows stubborn blockage, then a stint will be put in place at that time and he will come home Tuesday.

I am a worrier by nature. Normally, I'll worry over the slightest concern, even as something as simple as clipping the boys' nails. "Oh dear, I need to cut the boys' nails. When am I going to fit that in?" I'll then wring my hands for 2 minutes before I realize that those 2 minutes could have been spent cutting one hand of nails. I'm really not kidding. It's ridiculous the things I worry about.

But through this entire ordeal with my guy, I have not been worried. I know that it's the Lord's hand upon me that is keeping me calm. God is sovereign and in control. He knew about this heart attack long before we did, so I praise Him for showing us the signs when He did. And I thank Him that my guy's heart attack was mild. And I thank Him for a new day with my husband.

Rick is only 37 and in pretty good health. His dad thinks this heart attack was brought on by over exertion in the gym this past week. I can agree with that, but perhaps it's from his military approach on Mt. Elbert last weekend? Or perhaps it's because he'll be 38 next week?

Better yet, it's because the Lord allowed it and will use it for His purposes.

*UPDATED* Rick's heart cath has already taken place this morning (Monday). There was no blockage, and that is wonderful news! He will have to lie still on his back for 4-6 hours to prevent bleeding from the point of entry in his groin. The dr said that we will talk about more details later in the day, but Rick will more than likely be on heart meds for a while. He will also probably have to spend one more night in the hospital. That's alright. We'll do whatever they tell us is best. Thank you for your prayers and concerns.


Daddy said...

I love you!

Jennifer said...

Okay...that made me cry! (partially because of hormones, probably, but still...I am not a cryer!!!) I was so glad to read from you yesterday that you are at peace. I worried about you worrying! The first thing that I told John was "he just climbed a mountain last week!!!" God is so good. I am glad that Rick was listening to his body and his WIFE and DAD and went to the hospital. Maybe it was that strategic game of Candyland that he had played with Liam!

Bee Jay said...

What a fantastic attitude! I am so glad for you that all is going well - I have always held the view that God takes us through these experiences for a reason. He will see you all through it.

common mom said...

So glad that Rick is doing OK. And so glad that you guys are SMART and didn't let this pass as one of those "I'm too young for this - it's nothing" episodes.

Thinking about you guys!

Debbie B said...

Just now reading this. So glad that he is okay and he is not a stubborn man and went to the ER.
Do hope that he was able to come home yesterday and is home taking it easy and healing that heart. Will be praying as he adjusts to any new things.