Family Vaca Part IV

After a week in North Carolina, the inevitable happened. We had to leave. I never want to leave a vacation spot, but leaving that mountain cabin was especially difficult. As I walked through the house for one last check of forgotten items, I fought back the tears. I have a wonderful life in Texas, besides the blasted weather, so it's rather silly for me to get so sad. But I suppose those emotions prove how thoroughly we enjoyed our time.

Because we knew that coming home would be hard, we decided to add two more days of visiting Rick's family onto our trip. We spent one night in Georgia with his Aunt Peggy and Uncle Bubba, as well as their grown daughter Libby and her family. I'm kickin' myself for not getting a group shot of our favorite family members out east!

But we did get this shot of Peggy.
When God created hospitality, he poured all of it into that woman!

After GA, we headed to Baton Rouge to see Grandma, so the boys could do this:
Rick has many fond memories of riding on the tractor with his grandparents.
It was good to love on Grandma and to visit with another aunt, uncle, and cousin. But we can only handle one night of Baton Rouge's humidity, so we headed home the next day.

Peace out.


Jen Mall said...

The vacation looked fun! And frankly...that is my idea of camping! I wish we could have joined you!

Bee Jay said...

Although it's sad having to leave a place that means so much, it's always good to be home isn't it? Great pics though.