An Epiphany: Teens Are Good for Something

I must take a short break from the run-down of our family vaca to share an epiphany I experienced today. Bear with me a moment while I give an explanation.

While waiting to become a mommy over 6 years ago, I never feared parenting the following stages: babyhood (Is that a word?), toddlerhood (How about that one?), nor childhood.

But the teenage years were a different story entirely. Thinking of raising teens make me shake in my boots. The hormones! The rebellion! The eye rolling! The broken curfews! The ugly dates they'll bring home!


I think perhaps my time in public school teaching might have scarred me in this area.

As a result of my fear, there is a clause in each of my boys' adoption papers. The clause is rather simple really. It states, and I quote: "Rick and Ami CupRunnethOver promise to raise this child in a loving environment until said child reaches 13 years of age. Once he reaches thirteen, he is to attend boot camp or boarding school until he is 25 years of age."

See how simple that is? When my boys turn 13, someone else can deal with them. Don't you think it's a great idea?

Now, back to today's epiphany. My boys, who are clearly under the age of 13, and I ran to WalMart for a few items this morning. As we were walking back to our car, I noticed a mom loading her van. That's no big deal, but what was interesting was that her teenage son had driven the van from their distant parking spot to a shady spot near the store's front door. Mom was able to load the car in the shade, and as soon as she had finished, she was able to hop in a cool car.

I had to tap on her window and say, "So, that's what teenagers are good for?! Running a cool car for you?! Awesome!" She smiled and replied, "Yes, there are good things ahead for you."

Okay, so if my boys promise to be helpful in the WalMart parking lot, then I just might allow them to stay home during their teen years.

But I might have them load the van, while I sit inside the running car!

But if there's any eye rolling, oh me!


Anonymous said...

Doesn't your hubby do anything nice like that for you?

Jen Mall said...

I think you and I will both know if they learn any eye rolling we will have their daddies to blame for that!!