Sometimes I get frustrated with our new camera. We converted from a simple point-and-shoot digital camera to a Nikon D60 a few months ago. If I had more time to play with our new toy, I think I would fall in love with it. But at this point, I've been frustrated with the fact that I know very little about it. The other annoying factor is that it's so darn bulky and doesn't fit into my pocket.

But Nikon and I did have a bonding moment a couple weeks ago while camping in Oklahoma. I chose to take pictures instead of swimming in the freezing, bacteria-laden water of Chickasaw.

And I'm so glad I did, because I captured this:
Look at the details of the water droplets on my beautiful boy's skin!

Never mind the fact that he's pointing a water gun at my camera.

I wish I could tell you which setting I was using on Mr. Nikon at the time of that shot, but I've slept a few times in the last two weeks and can't even begin to remember what I did.

Anyway, while Mr. Nikon and I were bonding, Garrett was connecting with my mom, his Didi:
You may not realize what a monumental moment it was for my baby to fall asleep in any one's arms. This is the child that typically takes an hour to fall asleep in his bed. He usually has to sing and talk to himself for approximately sixty minutes before nodding off. I suppose he wore himself out with swimming and playing that day, as he was asleep within a skinny minute of settling into my mom's lap.

While I've always known that camping can bring a family closer together, I've now discovered that camping can also unite one to a camera. I'm beginning to come around to appreciating my Nikon, but we may need another camp out or two to iron out some of the wrinkles between us.