Family Vaca Part 1a

When I was describing our short stay in Nashville, I failed to mention our carriage ride.

I think nearly every downtown in America has those horse-drawn carriages. I'm sure we could call it a tourist trap powered by horse, but when the boys saw all the horses, they asked if we could ride. When Daddy is on vacation, the answer is often, "Sure!", so we loaded up.

Mississippi was our horse, and Carol was our driver. Now, Carol made a small mistake.

She told Jack her name.

When you tell Jack your name, he is going to use your name to ask you 20 questions in 5 minutes.

"Cawol, um, what's the horse's name again?"

"Cawol, what's that horse in front of us, what's his name?"

"Cawol, what's that driver's name?"

"Cawol, what's that building?"


Inquisitive, he is.

And here he is making sure Carol knows his age.

(And I have no idea what Rick was telling me, but since he's pointing to Garrett on my left, he was probably saying, "Make sure he keeps all limbs inside the vehicle.")

(Yes, that photo is at an angle. I was experimenting with my camera. A photographer I am not.)

But anyway, isn't Jack cute holding up his four fingers and smiling? Yes, he is a cute little booger.

And so is this little booger.
And this not-so-little booger.

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