A Child's Faith

During blanket time yesterday, Garrett (2 1/2) stopped playing with his toys to read a children's Bible I had put in his stack of toys. This is the conversation he had with himself:

This is Bible. It's God's twoof (truth).

[Ruffling of pages] God said, "No eat fwoot (fruit)."

I typically try not to make much eye contact or conversation with my boys during blanket time, because it is simply our time of independence. But I couldn't resist, so I took a peek to find him looking at Adam and Eve's picture. And Garrett was wearing a silly hat all the while. I smiled as I pictured God smiling down on my baby's innocence.

During today's "work time", I gave my middle man Jack (also 2 1/2) a bucket of buttons to sort according to shapes. As he picked up each piece, he appropriately named the square, circle, triangle, and flower. When he found the heart button, he called it "life". I said, "That's a heart. Does it represent life?" To which he replied, "Yes, God's wife."

I pray that my boys' young faith continue to blossom with time. How it must please God to see His young children speak His truth so eloquently.


christie said...

Out of the mouths of babes!

I adore seeing my kiddo's say and do things which I know must have God in a chuckle. My son used to dress in a purple robe (mine) and pretend to be administering communion to the faithful! :-)

My dd who just turned 5 has become scared of things in her room at bedtime. To combat this fear we'd say a prayer (in addition to our standard bedtime routine) asking that God place her in his loving arms, put guardian angels around our home and that he remove any fears she may have so that she could sleep in peace. We have also committed Is 41:10 to memory. The most precious and beautiful thing is when her tiny little voice utters the prayer and scriptures. (and don't let me forget any portion of the prayer!)

Oh the innocence of their hearts!

Amberly said...

Sweet words from your little ones. Aren't you glad you're blogging so you will be sure to have a record of them? Have a great day!