"You Have Your Hands Full"

I hate that statement. I hear it a lot, when I've got all three boys in a public venue. If I'm in a good mood at the time and the boys are not embarassing me, I might reply with, "Yes, but my hands were empty for a long time, so I'm glad to have them full now." If the boys, however, are running circles around me and hanging from the grocery shelves, then I grit my teeth and smile, instead of giving these perfect strangers a piece of my mind.

But really, this mom's description of shopping with six kids takes the cake! You must go to this eBay posting and scroll down to read this seller's reason for selling this item. Trust me when I say this is an absolute must read!


Margaret said...

I read that earlier today and loved it!!!

nina said...

I "heard" about this somewhere but just ignored it but your "trust me" sent me right over to read it. I'm glad I did. So funny and delightful. I look forward to "having my hands full" even more. Thanks for sharing.