And Let the Games Begin

Jack's (2 1/2) potty training has not gone well over the last 2 weeks. I knew that traveling would cause him a setback, so I've tried to be understanding.

Shortly after today's lunch, he dropped his toys and screamed, "I NEED TO GO POTTY!" I was in the middle of changing Garrett's diaper. So I told Jack, "Hurry! Get to the potty! Good job for telling me!"

Because that's where Jack's biggest problem is...he doesn't tell me he needs to go. He just goes, you know, wherever the need strikes him.

As I finished Garrett's diaper, I heard Jack tinkle in the potty, and I kept praising him. "Good job for making it to the potty! You've been dry all day. I'm so proud of you!" Even Garrett and Liam (4) chimed in.

Jack flushed, redressed, and washed his hands. That sounds great, doesn't it?! I thought so, until I saw his shirt.

As he stepped out of the bathroom, I saw that the lower two inches of his shirt were soaked. Thinking that he forgot to lift his shirt out of the target zone, I said, "Uh oh, you forgot to lift your shirt. Take it off." As he lifted his shirt, I noticed that his underwear was also wet, which told me that he didn't make it to the potty quite soon enough.

I calmly went through the whole scenario with him for the millionth time. "Jack, when you need to go potty, you stop and go right away. Do not wait until it's too late."

To which, he replied, "Liam did it."

"Jack, Liam did not pee on your shirt and underwear."

And this is where the true sibling rivalry begins.


Margaret said... brother and I fought about all sorts of stuff....but that's a new one to me!!

Christie said...

That's hilarious! I know it's not so funny when you're going through it, but mine are 9 and 5 me there's humor in it! :-)

Good Luck - and remember - 'tis but a season!

Jodie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! What good are siblings if you can't blame them when you pee on your shirt??? ;-) J and K are 7 and 4 and they STILL have constant competitions and try to "blame" each other. I can't stand it! But I do have to admit that sometimes they can get very creative when they know they're in trouble ;-) I've even had to leave the room to go giggle to myself :-)

Mary@notbefore7 said...

LOL LOL LOL...still laughing. Loved this.