I Must Brag

I just have to take a moment to brag on my Garrett. He amazes me! He's 2, yet look how he is holding that pen. He's holding it more like an adult. He can't actually form any official letters on paper, but when I tell him to write a G, he'll scribble a circular something. When I tell him to write a W, his scribble is more elongated and vertical than the G.

That may not amaze you, but how about this? He can spell his name. Not only can he spell his own name, but we can spell any family member's name for him and he can tell us whose name it is! For instance, "Garrett, what does W-i-n-s-t-o-n spell?" He listens intently and responds with, "Winston!" And not just our immediate family, but he also knows his grandparents' names! That's eleven names that he can spell....eleven. Did I mention that he's only two?

He's also a mean T-ball player. He makes contact with the ball with every swing.
He makes his mama proud. And a little nervous. Will I be able to keep up with him in homeschool? Yikes!


Daddy said...

He'll make the best Aggie baseball player/scholar there ever was! Gig'em, G!

Anonymous said...

What a smart little boy! I love the baseball picture. He looks like he is about to hit that ball with a vengance!

Margaret said...

How smart!! And watch out - soon he can be on those T-ball teams!!

Jodie said...

It's so fun to see your kids excel! Just follow his lead and he'll go far :-)

How are you all doing with the floods?