5 Things Meme

Laura has tagged me for this meme. Thanks, Laura!

5 Things I Was Doing 10 Years Ago
1. Just finishing college
2. Moving to my beloved Colorado
3. Calling off a wedding...not mine and Rick's. (I was engaged to someone else, but I came to my senses in time to call it all off and wait for my soul mate.)
4. Wearing a cast on my right arm and thumb due to a run-in with a softball
5. Trying to land my first "real" job

5 Snacks I Enjoy...What? Only 5?!
1. Pretzels with Diet Coke
2. Ginger snaps with Diet Coke
3. Candy (especially Skittles and M&M's) with Diet Coke
4. Chips and salsa with Diet Coke
5. Anything I shouldn't have with Dr. Pepper

5 Songs I Know All the Lyrics To...I'm terrible about unconsciously making up my own words, so I don't know if I really sing the true lyrics.
1. You Are My Sunshine (Yes, the kids' song.)
2. Jungle Gym by Jack Johnson
3. To Where You Are by Josh Groban
4. I See the Moon by Jim Brickman
5. The National Anthem

5 Things I Would Do If I Were a Millionaire
1. Pay off Rick's MBA loan
2. Ensure my boys' college education funds are ready and waiting
3. Adopt again and again and again and maybe again
4. Share with my parents
5. Travel with a nanny so that my kids can see new things, but we tired parents are also guaranteed a break along the way

5 Bad Habits
1. Spending too much time on this computer
2. Worrying over details that will work themselves out
3. Eating poorly on the weekends...Mondays are so hard!
4. Losing my patience with my boys
5. Stretching the boys' afternoon nap 15 more minutes to watch some tv

5 Things I Like To Do
1. Playdates
2. Go on dates with Rick
3. Shop with my mom
4. Laugh with my boys
5. Um, hello, BLOG!

5 Things I Would Never Wear Again
1. Sweats with elastic at the ankles...UGLY!
2. High-waisted anything...HORRID!
3. Turtle necks...UGH!
4. Stirrup pants...The PAIN!
5. My wedding dress...I won't ever need it again! Plus, my style has changed.

5 Favorite Toys
1. Laptop
2. Camera
3. Stamping materials, although I rarely ever pull them out anymore
4. Do books count?
5. This blog

5 Bloggers I Tag For This Meme
1. Lauren
2. Amberly
3. Jodie
4. Jamie
5. Christine

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Christine said...

I just saw this! I might not get to it till next week, but I'll work on it and let you know.