Friday Funny

I read The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made to Liam for the first time this week. In our discussion, we reviewed the fact that he and his brothers did not come from my belly but from their birth moms'. At the end, Liam had a confused look on his face and asked, "When Garrett grows up, he'll go live in your belly?"

I think it'll be a while before it all sinks in for Liam!

What about your family? What funny questions have come up in regards to the birds and the bees? Please post a clean, family-friendly comment below.


Jodie said...

Keira and Jason have both asked the question "where do babies come from" and have been quite pleased with the "Mommy's tummy" explanation. Until now . . . lately they've wanted to know more. We've explained that when two people get married and love each other, they have babies. I know, a terrible explanation . . . but for us that's how it worked. We were talking about some friends who were getting married and Keira said "Oh goody! When they get married, their baby will show up and I can go see it!" I made the mistake of explaining that you have to "do" something to "make" the baby - Keira let it go - Jason wanted to know "what" do you do! I told him I'd have to explain that when he's a little older. Sheesh! I'm not good at this . . . I'm going to have to buy that book!

Mary said...

We haven't had any questions, but when I was pregnant with baby #3, my oldest daughter was talking with at preschool to me. She said, "Soon you are going to go to the hospital and that baby is going to pop right out of your belly button." The teacher and I laughed so hard. It was hysterical. She had never asked anything, so it was just her assumptions coming out.