The Let-Down

Christmas was wonderful! It was a fun time watching the boys' faces when they saw their bicycles for the first time! Oh the joy! And they had to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus not once, not twice, but three times with candles lit on top of their cupcakes.

And now, it's the 27th, and the let-down has begun for me. The let-down involves many frustrations. They are as follows:

  1. The Christmas tree and decorations that were so pretty four weeks ago are getting on my last nerve. They. Must. Come. Down.
  2. The three pounds that I have put on in the last four days must also come down. But not until January 2nd.
  3. The children are high strung, as if it's still Christmas day. They must also come down, but it probably won't happen until their daddy goes back to work on January 2nd.
  4. The children's new toys still haven't found their permanent homes, and they're just further clutter that add to the frustration of #1. But I need to hit WalMart to find more containers for said toys, so it won't happen until January 2nd.
  5. Which set of grandparents and aunts/uncles thought it a good idea to stuff the children's stockings with candy? Get. This. Candy. Away. From. Me. But not until January 2nd, when I'll be truly serious about healthy eating.

But really, we had a wonderful Christmas! I'd love to show you pictures, but I can't seem to find where my husband dumped the December file on this computer. Yet another frustration.

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Jan B said...

Hint: if you want to find that file without admitting that you can't find it, take a photo, upload it and more than likely, it will try to save in the same spot. Ha ha! You've found it.