He Said, "I Love You!"

My Jackson (23 months) often needs a translater. His speech has been slow in coming and his pronounciation even slower. For instance, water sounds something like this: "augher". His own name is "Daton." I'm fairly proficient at translating for him, but there are times that I don't have a clue what his pretty face is trying to tell me.

At breakfast this morning, he said, "Ah wu uu." My wheels started turning, and I thought, "Did he say what I think he said?" So I asked him to say it again. "Ah wu uu. Ug." Translation: "I love you. Hug." Tears sprang to my eyes, not because I understood him, but because he has never said that to me! I wrapped my arms around him so tight that he might've smothered, but I'm pretty sure he's okay.

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Mom2fur said...

Oh, that is so sweet! And he's such a little cutie. Doesn't your heart just melt when kids do stuff like this?