From Pure Delight to Utter Let-Down

I mentioned yesterday how tired I am of the Christmas decorataions. Did I do anything about it today? Heck, no! I decided that the cash my father and husband gave me for Christmas were calling my name to a much sweeter tune, so I went shopping! And boy did I have fun! I was able to buy two complete outfits, and by "complete", I mean shoes and jewelry to match the ever-so-cute outfits.

I came home pumped. Rick, the sweet man that he is, asked to see my outfits as soon as I walked in the door. I quickly pulled everything out of the bag and explained my delight with two complete outfits. He could hear the excitement in my voice. He complimented each article appropriately with phrases such as, "I like those shoes." (Did I mention how sweet he is?! If your husband would merely grunt a monotone greeting to you when you walked in the door with two complete outfits, raise your hand!)

Then, I walked in here to the computer room to check on the blogging world, and the Christmas let-down hit me again. Not only do I see my Christmas tree and decorations piling up in the corner of this room, but then I see that Shannon has already put her decorations away in an organized manner. So, I must promise myself (and you) that I will put away all Christmas decorations tomorrow. Yes, I must. And then, we can move on to other more fun posts.

If you have already put away your decorations, please post a comment of encouragement to me!

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rocks in my dryer said...

You're giving me way too much credit. They watched The Little Mermaid THREE times yesterday so I could get it all accomplished!