"Running over, running over/My cup is full and running over/Since the Lord saved me, I'm as happy as can be/My cup is full and running over."

That childhood song is my blog's inspiration. And it is very true to my life. I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and to know Jesus as my Savior at an early age. I never really strayed from my faith, so I don't have some fantastic salvation story to share. But as a mother, I am realizing more and more how important my faith is to me, because I strongly desire for my children to follow their daddy and me into the faith. Because of my faith, I can stand firmly and shout to the mountain tops that the Lord has saved me, and I'm happy as can be!

And believe me, my faith has been shaken at times. When I faced infertility issues as a newlywed, I thought I might die of a broken heart and an empty home. When I finally decided that adoption was the way to create my family, I faced not one, not two, but eight, yes eight, failed adoptions! I was ready to throw in the towel. I wondered who in the world God was to allow me to hurt so badly.

But my God, my great and awesome God, had a great plan for me. He had the exact child chosen to be my first-born. He didn't want me to just have any baby, but he wanted me to have that one. And my faith was restored the day that I held Liam for the first time 3 1/2 years ago! The instant that I saw Liam, I knew that God had prepared him for me, and he was my baby. That's an awesome God's doing!

And since that day, my cup has been running over with joy, love, laughter, dreams, hopes...and two more boys. No, my life is not perfect, but it's beautiful.

This blog will serve as my writing outlet. I hope to write more of my life and my boys' adoption stories. I hope you'll stop by to laugh with me at the funny things my little guys say and do. And you can also laugh at my motherhood blunders. Enjoy!

*I could not find the writer/composer for the aforementioned song. Does anyone out there know anything about this particular song? If you do, please post a comment or email me!

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