Yesteryear: 4 years ago

It's time for yet another edition of Yesteryear, where I open my thumb drive and post random photos from the past. This means 1 of 2 things: A) I have nothing exciting to report from the present day. B) I'd rather blog than clean my house.

If you chose A) or B), pat yourself on the back for making the right choice.

These photos were pulled from the January/February 2007 file. Liam was 3 1/2, and Jackson and Garrett were turning the ripe old age of 2.

If we were in the car for more than 15 minutes, Jackson would fall asleep.
Not much has changed on this topic, except that he can now make it 30 minutes on a good day.

Garrett was never a good napper as a little guy. Well, not much has changed there either. But my mother-in-law sent me this picture of him on February 1, 2007.
He was spending the day with her, and I remember she asked him if he needed a nap. Naturally, he said NO. So she told him to just lie down and watch a movie with his blanket. A few minutes later, he was asleep.

Why in the world do I remember that was February 1, 2007, yet I can't remember that we need olive oil when I'm at the grocery store???

Back to yesteryear.... I know that was February 1, 2007, because Garrett spent the night with Ni to celebrate his birthday, which is February 2nd. And it snowed that Groundhog Day. Random facts that help absolutely no one.

You're welcome.

Moving right along.

Back in those days, whenever we were expecting Didi (my mom) or Ni (Rick's mom), my kids liked for me to open the blinds in the dining room so they could watch for their cars.
All 4 of my boys would wait with great anticipation. Sweet, huh?

We often get warm days in the middle of winter here, and whenever we do, we head outside. This is one of my favorite photos of all 3 boys:
Reasons I love it: 1. Liam's cheesy grin. 2. Garrett's watching his big brother with great admiration, as he's always loved his big bro. 3. Jackson's scrunched up forehead that he thought was a smile. 4. J&G were lefties even then. 5. The ever-so-cute Beatles t-shirts.

Jackson has always sat in this position to watch tv.
To this day, he believes that is his spot, and he races to make sure he gets there before his brothers.

If we weren't outside or watching tv, I came up with all kinds of goofy games to keep these busy boys moving. One of their faves was to make a train and "choo choo" throughout the house.
Liam was always the engine, Garrett in the middle with his eyes on Liam, and Jackson the caboose and in a hat. They were creatures of habit even back then.

Another game was Red Light, Green Light that began at the front door.
I'll let you figure out who won every time.

As soon as we could get back outside, we loved to go on long bike rides. Liam rode his own bike, and every ride had to include chewing gum.
He has holes in the left knee of his jeans even today.

And the littles rode in the trailer behind me.
As long as they had their gum, they didn't care about being crowded.

Yes, my kids began chewing gum at an early age, each right around their second birthday. It was one way of getting some peace and quiet on the road, so they could have it in the car and on bike rides. Never once did they swallow or play with it.

We usually rode to the neighborhood park. A bike ride + playtime at the park = nice, LONG afternoon naps.
Jackson got his first pair of glasses in January 2007, just as he turned 2. His little round frames were a hit everywhere we went.

But I prefer his luscious eyelashes.
Be still, my aching heart! Where on earth does the time go?


Carly A. K. said...

You know, I was wondering just the other day when you would write another "Yesteryear" post. Really enjoy these glimpses into your boys' younger days--especially their curly lashes and droopy-drawer jeans!
Btw, I totally understand remembering "useless" dates and facts. Last Sunday in choir practice we rehearsed a song that I realized the choir sang on our very first Sunday at CBC. Don't ask why I remember that specific date, but I do!

Didi said...

These were such busy, but precious times. I soooo miss these days!

Daddy said...

Time truly does go to fast! Great pictures!