The View from Here

I just turned on Photo Booth to take a picture of myself for your viewing pleasure. Are you ready for this?

Unfortunately, you won't be viewing that photo, because...yikes...the view scared even ME. Instead, I thought you might like to see Winston. Quite frankly, he looks better than I do at the moment.

It's 1:00 in the afternoon, and Winston and I are in my bed. There's a sick boy sleeping on our favorite couch, so we've been booted to my bed.

And it's wonderful!

Liam came down with a high fever on Saturday evening, and I've been home playing nurse ever since. He went back to school today, but Jack came down with the same virus yesterday. And the pessimist in me expects Garrett to be sick by tonight.

Thankfully, this virus does not include vomit, because puke freaks me out. I'm talkin' I have a genuine phobia of vomit. Maybe I should consider counseling.

But this virus hasn't sent my blood pressure to 200 over 80, so it's all good. I don't like seeing my boys lethargic from fever, but I've been getting plenty of extra snuggles in the meantime.

And I love, love, love wearing my pj's every day. Like I could totally become a home body if it means my wardrobe consists of soft and cozy pajamas and snuggly little boys.

What's the point of my rambling? No point. Just needed a reason to share Winston's picture and the fact that I'm enjoying life at home, since I'm a housewife.

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