The Hunter

Good morning. It's day twelve here of the 2011 Virus, the bug that keeps on kickin'. Liam and Jackson are well and back at school this week. Garrett came down with it last, and he can't manage to kick the fever. It hovers in the 99-range until around 1:00 in the afternoon, and it shoots up to 101-102.

While his temp is around 99, he feels fine, as witnessed by his typical ornery behavior. "Hey, Mom, do you want me to hit your booty with this arrow?"
After a quick trip to the grocery store this morning, he pulled out two dozen straws and planned a bow hunting trip.

I love the creativity of this boy! He used a pencil to puncture a hole in each end of one straw. Then, he asked me to help him find and tie string through the straw's holes. The other 23 straws are in his Aggie backpack and pulled at a moment's notice when he needs to defend himself.
I remember reading in Dr. James Dobson's Bringing Up Boys how boys will turn the simplest things into weapons. He wasn't kidding!

My bow hunter is now asking for food and water. I think he's planning a major excursion, so I better go oversee his packing.

But first, did you notice he's not wearing pj's? Every hunter must get dressed into their favorite collegiate apparel. It's the proper attire, ya' know. And he told me that hunters don't need to fix their hair.

Okay, then.


Didi said...

This is a hoot! Love his creativity!

Daddy said...

I guess I need to become a hunter so I can take him on some real trips.

"Can I shoot your booty?" LOL